Ahoy Mateys

article by Lori Matteis

After a long day of swabbing decks, arrrr principal, Mr. Larsen AKA Captain James Hook, helped the marooned land lubbers walk the plank.  Sierra Bonita has struck gold with Principal Larsen. Thanks for watching out for Sierra Bonita students!  


Mother's Day Project

Article by: Miss Mathews' Second Graders

On May 11th mothers all across the country were celebrated.  Miss Mathews' class made gifts for this special day.  Each student decorated a purse that contained student-made items to show their love for their moms.  A mother's purse would not be complete without a wallet, keys, coupons, and a card.  All items were made by the students.  Some even chose to add in a cell phone, band-aides, gum, receipts, etc.  We love our moms and hope they had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Seuss Assembly

Students and staff at Sierra Bonita Elementary recognized National Poetry Month by reading and writing poetry.  A school-wide poetry contest generated hundreds of original poems from all grade levels.   A few well known judges were enlisted to help select the winning poem.  Mrs. Shanna Stirland, Park View Elementary’s new principal, Mrs. Stephanie Galt, literacy coach, Mr. Nathan Pyfer, Grammy nominated songwriter, and Mr. Jason Gray, local comedian from Studio C, were chosen to complete the daunting task of picking just a few winners.  These winners were recognized at a Seuss themed awards assembly:

Grand Prize – Parker Thomas
First Place – Julianna Matteis
Second Place – Grace Johnson
Third Place – Coleton Rasmussen

Honorable Mention
Ava Welch – Kindergarten
Cher Jackson – First Grade
Carter Brandon – Second Grade
Jaydon Matsuoko – Third Grade
Jamie Payne – Fourth Grade
Anna Linford – Fifth Grade
Sydney Mitchell – Sixth Grade

Sierra Bonita was also honored to have a few distinguished guests in attendance. Mrs. Tami Pyfer, Education Advisor to Utah Governor Herbert, introduced the keynote speaker, Lt. Governor  Spencer Cox with a poem titled “What Does the Cox Say.”  Sierra Bonita students found out that the Lt. Governor does not like cauliflower or carrots but loves music and his family.   Lt. Governor Cox shared his passion for poetry and mesmerized the students with his favorite childhood poem “Casey at the Bat.”  When invited to the next Seuss assembly, Lt. Governor Cox replied “only if I can bring my band!”  Sierra Bonita is looking forward to next year’s assembly.


SCC Meeting


**Notice of Meeting**
Sierra Bonita Elementary‘s
School Community Council will meet on May 5, 2014 at 11:40 in the conference room.

Principals' Day


In honor of National Principals' Day, Sierra Bonita's students and staff showed their love for Principal Mike Larsen.  Under the direction of Mrs.Tiffany Manwaring, classes created hearts with thumb prints to symbolize that "once someone touches your heart, the fingerprints will last forever."  Sierra Bonita's community is aware of Mr. Larsen's dedication and the kindness that inspires and motivates everyone to be their best each day.  Mr. Larsen responded to the outpouring of love stating "I am so grateful to be part of Sierra Bonita Elementary. Our students, families, and staff members are so thoughtful and kind! I thank all of our students and staff members for making this day so special for me. Thank you to members of our school community for making Sierra Bonita such a wonderful school!"  Thank you Mr. Larsen for all you do and thanks to Mrs. Manwaring for putting together such a thoughtful tribute.

Bears Bulletin - May 2014

We express our appreciation to our wonderful school community for making this school year so successful. We have the most remarkable students and families and are so grateful to have every one of our families a part of Sierra Bonita. We appreciate the partnership we have with you as we work together to create high levels of learning for every student, celebrate individual differences and abilities, and inspire responsible citizenship and lifelong success for all of our students.

Class Request Information for the 2014-2015 School Year
A change has been made this year to the process of sharing class placement requests and special considerations for next school year. I ask that parents who would like to share a request or other information with me regarding their child’s class placement for next year, to please come to the school’s front office during the request window of May 19-30 to receive and fill out a request form. Forms will include specific guidelines regarding the request process. In order for a request to be accepted, it must be completed according to the guidelines, have a secretary’s signature approving the form, and must be received by a member of our office staff during the request window (May 19-30). Forms will not be sent home. I will consider the gathered information along with other academic and school information as I work to create classes that are balanced according to range of student ability, behaviors, gender, and the number of students. If you have any questions, please visit with me or a member of the school’s office staff.    Thank you.  Mike Larsen

Boxtops Week
We invite you to please send in your Boxtops. Our final collection for this year will take place during Boxtops Week that will be held May 5-9.  Thank you for all of your support for Boxtops! We will continue this program next year, so please continue to collect all throughout the summer.

Orchestra Performance
We share our appreciation to Christina Otis and our sixth grade orchestra students for all of their time and effort given to our school orchestra. The orchestra will be sharing their musical talents during an end-of-year performance that will be held on Tuesday, May 6, at 6:00pm. We invite everyone to come and enjoy this event!

PTA Family Movie Night
Please add our PTA Movie Night to your calendars. It’s scheduled for Friday May 16, at 8:45pm.

End of Year Testing
Thank you for all the support you have provided and continue to provide your students as they complete End-of-Year Testing.

Summer Library

We will be offering a Summer Library Program for all Sierra Bonita families using books from our Take Home Library.  We invite families to participate by checking out books from 9:00-11:00am on the following Wednesdays: June 11, 18, 25; July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. We appreciate Anita Hales for coordinating and running our summer library program.

School Lunch
We appreciate efforts taken to keep a positive balance on all school lunch accounts. When accounts are nearing a zero balance, a red stamp is placed on the student’s hand by the lunch secretary to serve as a reminder to pay lunch money. If you have any questions about student accounts or other lunch questions, please call Glenett Ponis, our lunch secretary, at 798-4499.

Last Day of School and Kindergarten Programs Information
The last day of school for 1st-6th grade students will be Friday, May 30th.  This will be a half day of school, and students will be dismissed at noon.  Lunch will be served on the last day beginning at 10:30am, and bussing will run as normal beginning at noon. The last day of kindergarten will be on Friday, May 23rd. Kindergarten programs for parents, families, and friends will be held on May 23rd, at 10:00am for morning kindergarten students and at 2:00pm for afternoon kindergarten students.

Lost and Found
We have a LARGE collection of lost and found items that have not been claimed by owners. We ask families to look through our lost and found bins before the end of the school year. The bins are located in the hallway near the auditorium. Items remaining at the school after May 30th will be donated to charity.

Fall Registration for all Nebo Elementary Schools
Please put Thursday, July 31, 2014, on your calendar for Elementary Fall Registration.  This registration will be for all new and returning students.  This is the day to pick up information packets, make donations, order school shirts, and more.

Fun Run


Sierra Bonita Elementary held their annual "fun run" on Saturday, April 26th.  Despite the rainy weather, dozens of students and parents came out to support the event.  Congratulations to Jared Taylor, winner of both the 5k and 1 mile run.  Thank you to all the participants and volunteers and a huge "thanks" to Mrs. Erin Creamer for making it such a success!