Bears' Bulletin - January 2014

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a Happy New Year!

During the month of January students will be learning about how to be responsible.  Please discuss the saying, “If you don’t take care of your own things- then who will!” with your student.  We hope that by doing this that your students accept and take responsibility for their own actions at home and at school.

SEP Conferences
SEP Conferences will be held on Wednesday, January 8.  This is an important time to come and meet with your child’s teacher to discuss progress and to set goals.  Reminder notes with your scheduled time will be coming home this week.

January 10 – District Development Day
There will be no school on Friday, January 10, as it is a District Development Day.

End of School Day Checkout
We need your help in reducing the number of interruptions classes are experiencing at the end of the school day due to students being checked out early.  Our teachers are instructing right up to the end of each school day, but it has become increasingly difficult for them because of students being checked out. Unless it is an emergency, we'd like to encourage you not to request your child be checked out during the last 15 minutes of the day.  This will assist the teachers in making the most of every minute.

School Spelling Bee
Spelling bee lists were sent home just prior to Christmas break for all 3rd – 6th grade students. We encourage all students to participate by studying the words and participating in their class spelling bee. The two top spellers from each class will participate in our school third grade spelling bee or our fourth – sixth grade spelling bee. The third grade school spelling bee will be held on Friday, January 24, 2014. Our fourth – sixth grade spelling bee will take place on Friday, February 21, 2014.

 “It Pays to Read” Program
We enjoyed celebrating students’ reading achievements in a school wide “It Pays to Read” assembly just prior to Christmas break. We encourage all students to continue to read, chart reading on their monthly reading calendars, and turn in completed calendars to their teachers. Let us all work together to support our students in their reading, share with them our excitement for reading, and help them understand that “It Pays to Read!”

Student Council Food Drive
Thank you for all of your support to our Student Council Food Drive. The food drive was very successful, and your generous donations assisted many families.

Temperature, Air Quality & Outside Activities
School personnel will monitor the weather, temperature, and air quality each day to determine whether or not to have outside, choice, or inside activities.  The Department of Air Quality has a web page that provides the “current conditions” of air quality for Utah County. You can find this information at We will work to follow temperature and air quality guidelines that allow students to benefit from outdoor exercise when appropriate and to provide indoor protection when outdoor activities are not recommended for all students.

Sierra Bonita Web Page
Please visit our webpage at for up-to-date news and information. You can also access the page through a link at the Nebo School District’s web site located at We express our appreciation to Sue Leber, our web page specialist, and Janna Slye, our public relations coordinator, for all of their work with school news and maintaining our webpage.



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It Pays To Read

Photos by Student Council. Article by Tiffany Manwaring

It Pays To Read!!! Students at Sierra Bonita received a raffle ticket for turning in their reading minutes. The more they read, the more raffle tickets they received to enter for prizes and the possibility of shooting hoops for cash at the 'It Pays To Read' assembly.  We also had the fun opportunity to have BYU's Baseball Pitching Coach, Mr. Jeremy Thomas attend the assembly. Coach Thomas also has two children that are currently attending Sierra Bonita! He brought along with him two of his BYU's baseball players, Hayden Nielson (Shortstop) and Jerrett Jarvis (catcher).

Our grand prize winner was a 6th grade student who won an HP Tablet! Way to go! Remember to keep reading! "It Pays To Read!"

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Sierra Bonita School Choir

Photo and Article by Tiffany Manwaring

Sierra Bonita Elementary had the opportunity to have a school choir directed by Mrs. Karen Thueson, and accompanied by Mrs. Tiffany Pickett. There were over 60 students from 4th-6th grade who signed up to join the choir! The students were required to attend practice which was held before school. Students and parents all thought their performance was wonderful! The choir was also invited to sing at the Zions Bank "Lights On" ceremony.

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3rd Grade Made Over 60 Fleece Blankets For Mac's Gift Children's Cancer Foundation!

Article and Photos by Chris Latham

Our Sierra Bonita 3rd graders made over 60 fleece blankets for Mac's Gift Children's Cancer Foundation. We love our students!!!

We had about 15 blankets left over. One was given to a handicap girl and the rest will be taken to Payson Hospital to be distributed to infants in the hospital. Mrs. Latham and Mrs. Christensen had the opportunity to attend the Christmas Party held by this foundation. They said it was an amazing event to be a part of. Cosmo was even there!

Christmas Needs Drive

Photo by Tiffany Manwaring. Article by Tiffany Manwaring

The Student Council held a Christmas Needs Drive and collected non-perishable food items and new socks. The food donated was collected in each classroom and then put on display by each grade level in the form of a creative sculpture. The more items a class collected, the better chance the grade had at winning a prize. After, the food was donated to families in need in the community. The socks were donated to The Christmas Box Non-Profit Organization.


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'A Christmas Carol' - Mr. Loreen's 6th Grade Class

Photos by Janna Slye and Tiffany Manwaring. Article by Tiffany Manwaring

Students at Sierra Bonita had the opportunity to watch Mr. Loreen's Sixth grade class perform the Charles Dickens' play, "A Christmas Carol.

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Santa Visits Sierra Bonita Elementary!

Photos by Janna Slye. Article by Tiffany Manwaring

Santa Claus came to visit Sierra Bonita! Our Principal Mr. Larsen was able to talk to Santa Claus on the radio while all the students listened in. They even heard him land on the school roof! The students were beyond excited!

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Singing Around the Tree - Day 3

Photos by Janna Slye. Article by Tiffany Manwaring

We look forward to our annual Singing Around the Tree performances and assemblies that took place during the month of December. During these events, students performed as grade levels, and all students, parents, and staff members had the opportunity to sing Christmas/Holiday songs. Day 2 performance included AM Kindergarten, 4th and 5th Grade classes.

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12 Days of Christmas - Sierra Bonita Faculty and Staff Members

Photos by Janna Slye. Article by Tiffany Manwaring

During our Singing Around the Tree performances, the Sierra Bonita Faculty and Staff performed the '12 Days of Christmas'

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
12 Drummers Drumming (Office Staff)
Eleven Pipers Piping (Fourth Grade)
Ten Lords a Leaping (Sixth Grade)
Nine Ladies Dancing (Third Grade)
Eight Maids a Milking (Custodian)
Seven Swans a Swimming (First Grade Teachers)
Six Geese a Laying (Mrs.Snyder - Using REAL eggs!!)
Five Golden Rings (Miss Freek Special Ed)
Four Calling Birds (Second Grade - Duck Dynasty)
Three French Hens (Kindergarten)
Two Turtle Doves (Fifth Grade)
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree - Sung by Halee Crowther (4th Grade student)

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Singing Around the Tree - Day 2

Photos by Janna Slye Article by Tiffany Manwaring

We look forward to our annual Singing Around the Tree performances and assemblies that took place during the month of December. During these events, students performed as grade levels, and all students, parents, and staff members had the opportunity to sing Christmas/Holiday songs. Day 2 performance included PM Kindergarten, 2rd and Mrs. Snyder's class.

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