Wetlands Field Trip

Sue Leber

The Kindergarten classes had a wonderful time on their first field trip of the year. They expanded their class discussion of things found outside.  They used their five senses to learn about the world around them.  The students were able to engage in different activities at the park.  They examined pond water looking for live critters, used binoculars to look at the mountains, and compared the types of leaves and needles from trees.  While looking into the wetlands from the boardwalk, students were able to see spiders in their webs, water skippers on the water, and tiny fish swimming in the pond.  They even heard some frogs croaking.  The field trip was a huge success and the Kindergarten teachers send a big THANK YOU to all the great moms and dads who were able to help out and make it a success!

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Making Medical History

photograph by Tiffany Manwaring

Easton Thomas is a delightful boy who brightens up any room he walks into. Like most first-graders, he loves sports, outdoor activities, and playing with friends. He is affectionately referred to as “cool Easton” by his teacher, upon Easton’s request. He is also a six-year-old who happens to be defying many odds.

Easton has a rare genetic disorder called Hunter’s Syndrome or MPS II. His body lacks an enzyme that helps break down long chain sugars called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the body. These sugars or GAGs build up over time in all of the cells in his body causing multiple organ complications and failures. These GAGs also build up in the brain causing neurological problems.

Typically, boys with Hunter’s syndrome (the disease affects primarily males) have a very limited vocabulary and seldom progress beyond the development of a toddler. The Thomas family has seen the devastation of this disease. Easton’s older brother, who also had Hunter’s syndrome, lost all of his skills by the age of 5 and continued to decline. He eventually passed away from the neurological deterioration at the age of 12.

However, Easton is currently involved in a seemingly successful medical trial that replaces the enzyme he lacks. The missing enzyme is inserted directly into his spinal canal which allows the enzyme to cross the blood brain barrier (an alternative intravenous enzyme replacement treatment is available but it does not cross the blood brain barrier). Not only is this procedure halting the progression of Easton’s disease but improving his condition. Easton is able to participate in his first grade classroom with other services provided as needed. Easton is considered a medical miracle and his mom states that “he has exceeded typical expectations by leaps and bounds.”

Mrs. Melissa Thomas recognizes the significance of Easton’s enzyme replacement therapy in achieving some remarkable milestones but also acknowledges the efforts of his first grade teacher as an enormous contribution to his success. Easton is assigned to Mrs. Erin Creamer’s first grade class and many blessing are associated with his placement in this amazing classroom.

When Mrs. Creamer realized she had a student with such a rare medical condition and unique challenges, she chose to be informed. With her characteristic assertiveness and tenacity, she wrangled an entire team of school and district specialists together to collectively discuss Easton and ensure he receive all the necessary services available. While Easton’s school team includes extraordinary experts, Mrs. Creamer is the driving force behind this outstanding team.

Mrs. Thomas says “the work and dedication of Mrs. Creamer really blows me away. She has taken it upon herself to learn about the disease and find resources that I didn't even know about.” She also states “I know that the clinical trial Easton is involved in is making medical history and the work Mrs. Creamer is doing with him is helping to accomplish many great things.”

Though an entire team is dedicated to Easton and his success, it is Mrs. Creamer who spends the majority of the time helping him thrive. Principal Mike Larsen is aware of the phenomenal job Mrs. Creamer is doing and comments “Mrs. Creamer gives of all of her time, effort, and resources and goes to great lengths to understand and support each child at his or her point of need. She works well to inform and gain additional supports for her students from fellow teachers, specialists, parents, and administrators. Mrs. Creamer cares deeply for students, and it’s easy to see her dedication in all of her words and actions. It’s an honor to work alongside Mrs. Erin Creamer.”

Sierra Bonita is fortunate to have such an incredible teacher and just as lucky to have this remarkable student!

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Otter Pops

Robin Wheatley

Third grade students at Sierra Bonita sung "Otter Pops, Otter Pops, come get your Otter Pops" in hope of selling ice cold Otter Pops.  They sold Otter Pops everyday at lunch recess at the start of the school year.  In two weeks they earned $250 which will be used for field trips.  The third grade students loved selling the Otter Pops and the other students enjoyed the cold treat on those hot days!

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Monthly Bears Bulletin


Our school has a wonderful website where you can access information such as the school’s Newsletter, Staff and Faculty, PTA, school hours, phone number and address, lunch menu, important dates, etc. If you haven’t had a chance to see our website, we encourage you to take the opportunity to view it at sierrabonita.nebo.edu . As our school continues to grow, and in order to cut costs so that we can better serve our students’ needs here at Sierra Bonita Elementary, we will no longer send home a printed copy of the school’s newsletter beginning in October. We hope that you will take advantage of our school’s website to access our monthly newsletter(s) as well as the other information available on-line. The office will have a few copies of the school’s newsletter for those who don’t have access to the internet or would like a printed copy.

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Lights, Camera, Action

Chris Latham and Janna Slye

Sierra Bonita’s third grade classes had the privilege of spending time with Ryan Woodward.  Ryan is a very talented local artist/animator who has worked on well-known movies such as Where the Wild Things Are, Ironman 2, Superman 2 & 3, and most recently The Avengers.  He is currently working on a zombie commercial for Ford vehicles.

Growing up Ryan loved to draw.  In fact, his report cards would frequently come home saying “Ryan does not pay attention because he draws too much.”  His dad would lecture “Ryan, it is time to put your boyish dreams aside and become a man!”  Meanwhile, his mother would whisper, “keep drawing Ryan.”  Ryan followed his dreams and is an accomplished artist.  However, having your dream job does have its setbacks.  Ryan confesses that he spends many sleepless nights working because his passion for art, at times, consumes him.

Students were able to see how a movie storyboard is created from beginning to end.  With high tech computer gadgets, Ryan showed them how he draws directly onto the computer screen with capabilities to erase and re-create.  Sierra Bonita’s third grade students seem to have more fun watching Ryan create the images to The Avengers than actually watching the movie.

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Welcome Back

Welcome to Sierra Bonita Elementary!

We extend a warm welcome to students, parents, and families of Sierra Bonita
Elementary, Home of the Bears. We look forward to working with each member of our school community to achieve our school mission statement:

In partnership with parents and community, our mission at Sierra Bonita Elementary is to create high levels of learning for every student, celebrate individual differences and abilities, and inspire responsible citizenship and lifelong success.

During this upcoming school year, working together as partners, we will ensure that all students experience this success. Thank you for your support for Sierra Bonita Elementary!

School Registration Day
School registration for all new and returning students will be held on Wednesday, August 1, from 7:30am 4:30pm. If you will be unable to attend registration on August 1, please contact the school at 801-798-4480 or let Mike Larsen know through email at mike.larsen@nebo.edu.

All students will need to have a birth certificate and immunization record that documents that all required vaccines have been received on file at the school before they will be allowed to attend school. (Utah Code: 53A-11-301)

School Community Council Elections
Elections for three parent positions on the school community council will be held August 20-24, 2012. We invite all parents/guardians to consider having their name added to the school community council ballot. If you would like to add your name to the ballot, please contact Mike Larsen by Friday, August 17, 2012, at 801-798-4480 or through email at mike.larsen@nebo.edu.

Upcoming Events
• School Registration (For all new and returning students) - Wednesday, August 1, from 7:30am-4:30pm
• School Open House – Monday, August 20, 1:00-3:00pm
• School Community Council Elections - Monday, August 20 - Friday, August 24
• First Day of School (1st–6th Grades) – Tuesday, August 21, 9:00am
• First Day of Kindergarten – Tuesday, August 28
• Back to School Night – Thursday, August 30, 6:30pm
• School Carnival Fundraiser – Monday, September 10, 5:00-8:00pm

5th Grade States Report

by Anna Goldsmith.
5th Grade.jpg

5th graders at Sierra Bonita memorized the 50 states this year.  They held a State Fair on Friday, May 18, to celebrate all they had learned.  They each made a diorama to represent one of the 50 states.   Members of the school community enjoyed  visiting the State Fair and seeing all the hard work the students did.

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This is the Place

by Amber Muhlestein. Photos by Jill Strong.
Field Trip 070.JPG
Field Trip 082.JPG
Field Trip 078.JPG

As a fourth grade at Sierra Bonita, we had the opportunity to go on a field trip to This is the Place, in Salt Lake City.  While we were there, we had the chance to visit a few different rotations to learn about Utah’s history.   A few of the rotations that we went to while we were on our field trip were pioneer dancing, learning about pioneer schooling, as well as learning about real mountain men. The students had a great time learning a circle dance as a class.  The students also enjoyed going to the pioneer schooling rotation because they were able to pretend they were really there by having to answer every question standing up, and having their arms placed nicely in front of them to show respect to their teacher.  All of the presenters made the History of Utah come alive for the children.  The students were able to learn new information and take Utah’s history home with them. The students really enjoyed this field trip and loved learning more about Utah and its past!

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Jackie Olsen Outstanding Employee of the Year

by Mike Larsen.

Jackie Olsen was the recipient of the Outstanding Employee Award at Sierra Bonita Elementary School. Jackie is the school secretary and has been the head secretary of two schools over the past nine years including Sierra Bonita and Rees Elementary. Jackie connects with all students, families, and staff members. She gives of all of her time and talents and goes above and beyond to contribute to the school. Jackie is loved and appreciated by everyone. Congratulations to Jackie for being the Outstanding Employee at Sierra Bonita!

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Teacher Idol

by Rebecca Echols.
Teacher Idol
Teacher Idol

The student council had a blast hosting "Teacher Idol" on Friday, April 27th. Haley Crowther beautifully performed the national anthem to kick the assembly off. The contest was judged by our special guests "Jennifer Lopez", "Stephen Tyler" and "Randy Jackson". In the end, the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teachers won first place, followed closely by the 2nd and 3rd teacher team. We look forward to seeing what the teachers will do next year!

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