Your Utah Your Future

Our school and our state need your support and your voice in the Your Utah, Your Future campaign. Please take a moment to fill out a survey that will help build a plan for our state¹s future at Not only will you be helping our state, but our school will also receive $1 for every high school student or adult who takes the survey. 

There will be an option at the end of the survey to select SIERRA BONITA ELEMENTARY.

Penny Wars!

This week we are having penny wars!

Here are the basic rules, Paper and pennies are positive. Silver is negative. Before and after school there will be jars for each grade available in front of the office. Students can put the positive money in their grade and the negative money in another grade.

The money raised will go toward a donation for the school to be used for technology in the classrooms.

Basketball Tournament

article and photos by Sage Patterson

Our fantastically talented Mr. Myles Peterson has been giving Sierra Bonita two years of a fun and exciting competition.  And this year we are welcoming the third annual 5th and 6th grade basketball tournament! Our 5th grade girl’s championship game was between Kaitlin Dixon and Sheridan Liggett.  The championship went into overtime. No shots were made in the two minutes of overtime and sudden death approached the players. After five rounds, Kaitlin made a basket. Sheridan had one last chance to make a basket and keep the championship going. Sheridan missed her foul shot.