3rd Grade Spelling Bee


On January 25, 2013 Sierra Bonita held its school wide 3rd grade spelling bee. We are very grateful to our two PTA representatives, Bobbie Bassett and Sasha Taylor, as well as Dr. Walton and Karen Payne, from the community, who volunteered to be on our judge’s panel. Two representatives from each of our four classes were chosen to participate. All eight of these wonderful spellers came very prepared having obviously studied and practiced. Our 3rd grade classes were a great audience and very supportive of their classmates. The spellers were nervous yet confident and did so well that the spelling bee lasted 24 impressive rounds. We’d like to give big congratulations to Jaden Davids who took 1stplace, Xander Hulse who took 2nd place, and Makenna Dockter who took 3rd place. We are already looking forward to our 4th - 6th grade spelling bee which will take place on February 22nd and encourage all those students to prepare early for that great event.

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Spirit Week


Sierra Bonita students and staff showed their school spirit this week by dressing up.  The student council designated a theme for each day of the week.  

Monday-Hat Day

Tuesday-Pajama Day

Wednesday-Mismatch Day

Thursday-Red vs. Blue

Friday-Extreme Spirit Day

Both students and staff enjoyed participating in Spirit Week!


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Nishelle Cox

Sierra Bonita is Proud to Present this year’s Musical:


With over 100 students in our production this year, we’ve divided the cast into two performing groups to give as many students as possible a chance to shine. Spirits are high as we work towards our performances on:

March 27th @ 9:30 (Blue Cast)
March 28th @ 2:30 (Yellow Cast)
March 28 @ 7:00pm (Blue Cast)
March 29 @ 7:00pm (Yellow Cast)

 Since our performances are free, we invite you to bring your families, parents, neighbors, or anyone else to share in our Magic!

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Christmas Sweater Contest


Sierra Bonita held its first annual ugly Christmas sweater contest.  Staff members dressed in Christmas themed attire donned with festive accessories.  Students voted on their favorite ugly sweater.  The winners were announced during “Sing-Around the Tree” assembly.  The grand prize winner was Mr. Andy Wiley, first runner up was Mrs. Erica Dietz, and second runner up was Mrs. Nishelle Cox.

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SCC Meeting

**Notice of Meeting**

Sierra Bonita Elementary ‘s

School Community Council

will meet on

January 17,2013

at 11:40 in the

conference room.

Santa Visits Sierra Bonita

Chris Latham

Mr. and Mrs. Claus paid a visit to the students at Sierra Bonita just before Christmas break.  Unfortunately, the Clauses were unable to land the sleigh in their usual spot due to icy rooftop conditions but the students did not seem to mind.  They were only interested in seeing Santa.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus encouraged the students to be kind to one another and wished them a Merry Christmas before they headed around the world to deliver presents.


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Sing Around the Tree


Sierra Bonita students, staff, and parents look forward to the annual Sing-Around the Tree Assembly.  Each grade level performed an assortment of Christmas Songs.  The gymnasium was filled, not only with Sierra Bonita’s supportive families, but also filled with the spirit of Christmas.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this a memorable tradition.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Veteran's Day Assembly

story by Kelcie Richmond (6th grade student)

On Friday, November 9, Sierra Bonita had a wonderful Veteran’s Day assembly.  Some veterans came to visit.  They told us how long they served in the military and what they did.  They also showed us a very interesting slide show.  It was full of pictures showing what they did to serve.  At the end of the slideshow, the veterans told us that we should step up and make good choices and decisions.  They then retired the American flag, concluding the assembly and celebrating what they did for our country.

Sierra Bonita's Got Talent

photo by Terena Anderson

Every Monday morning Sierra Bonita students and faculty stand in honor of the National Anthem.  Most often it is a recorded version played over the intercom.  Recently though, the student body and staff were treated to a live performance by a very talented third grade student from Mrs. Robin Wheatley’s class.  Halee Crowther delighted everyone with an amazing rendition of the country’s anthem.

Principal Mike Larsen is so impressed with Halee’s talent that he encouraged Mrs. Susan Crowther to have her daughter professionally recorded singing the National Anthem.  He feels that Sierra Bonita, as well as other schools throughout the district, should benefit weekly from Halee’s beautiful voice.

Music has been part of Halee’s life since the very young age of two.  She would hear a song and repeat it back in perfect pitch.  Halee’s passion for singing is heard everywhere she goes.  Crowther states “music is a part of Halee and she knows this gift is from God.”  She also acknowledges that Halee’s talent helps her get through personal struggles as well as bless the lives of those around her. 

Halee’s inspiration is her family, especially her mother.   Crowther has a love for the performing arts and has since she was a small girl.  Her love for dancing prompted her to start the company Steps Dance and Performing Arts.  Halee also has three siblings, Kelsey, Kaden, and Grace who all share enthusiasm and talent for singing, dancing, and musical theater.

While Halee is a gifted singer, she is also a remarkable girl.  Larsen states “Halee is kindhearted, caring, and thoughtful in her words and actions.  Halee is positive and always smiling.  She brightens the days of others every day.  Halee has a great talent of singing, and our school has enjoyed listening to her sing the National Anthem on multiple occasions.  We are grateful to Halee for all of her many contributions to student and staff members of Sierra Bonita Elementary.”

Halee’s third grade teacher is also aware of Halee’s talents and kindness.  Wheatley describes Halee as one amazing girl.  She says “Halee sings like no other student I have ever taught.  Her voice is beautiful and her confidence while performing is inspiring.  Singing is not Halee's only talent.  She is kind and always happy. She always has a smile on her face and kind words for everyone.”

Sierra Bonita is lucky to have this incredible girl and the Crowther family as part of their school!

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Turkey Gobbling Assembly

story by Bailey Rollins (6th grade student)

Here at Sierra Bonita Elementary we had a Turkey Gobbling Assembly!!! It's where we have one kid from each class who can gobble and go up on stage and gobble like a turkey. We had three FABULOUS judges, Mrs. Nikki Huntington, Mrs. Janna Slye, and Mr. Larry Beaudin! It all happened on November 19, 2012 hosted by the student council representatives. All the students did a great job and the winners are: Payton Foster from Miss Sherin Olson's first grade class, Owen Kallas from Mrs. Crystal Averett's second grade class, Jared Taylor from Mrs. Janet Pyne's third grade class, Vanessa Memmott from Mrs. Shareka Gregory's class, Riley Mantsuoka from Miss Krista Hjorth's class, and Jacob Reeves (aka Champ Gobbler) from Mr. Troy Andersen's sixth grade class. Congratulations!!! The winners received turkeys and all contestants received delicious sugar cookies.

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