August 2018

School Hours for 2018-2019

School hours are as follows:

1st-6th grade students:

Monday (early out)  9:00am - 2:30pm

Tuesday - Friday 9:00am-3:15pm

AM Kindergarten Students:

Monday (early out)  9:00am-11:15

Tuesday - Friday  9:00am-11:40am

PM Kindergarten Students:

Monday (early out) 12:00pm - 2:30pm

Tuesday - Friday 12:40pm - 3:15pm 

**Please note** The school does not open until 8:00am. If your student arrives between 8:00am -8:30am, they will need to sit in the front foyer. At 8:30am, they will have the option of going to the gym or eat breakfast. Students are NOT allowed in their classrooms until 8:45am.

We also understand that on occasion, you will need to get a message to your student. These message(s) will be delivered at 3:00pm. We will not send any messages later than 3:00pm. 

Sierra Bonita Elementary

Air Quality Guidelines

Parents, As we continue to have severe smoke and poor air quality, I wanted to send out the air quality guidelines we use within the district to ensure student safety.  The following chart is the guidelines per district policy: 

PM 2.5% Instructions

0 - 35.4  All students outside

35.5 - 55.4  "sensitive students” should be accommodated to avoid outdoor activities

55.5 - 89  “sensitive students” and those students experiencing respiratory symptoms should avoid outdoor activities

90 or higher, physical activities should be moved indoors for ALL students.

   The website we use is: We use the PM 2.5% index as our reading.  We have a sensor in Sierra Park which gives us an accurate reading for the school.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the school.

August Newsletter


Hello Parents and Students,

Welcome to another school year!  We are excited to see all of our students back and in the classrooms!  Summer is a great time to re-energize and get ready for the new-year.  Things have been buzzing around the school with many teachers and staff getting back into their classrooms and getting ready for students to return.  We have a great team of teachers this year that are eager to meet your students and help them learn and reach their potential.  It is great to be a part of the Sierra Bonita community!  We have such great support from parents and our surrounding community!  This truly helps our students be successful!  I look forward to seeing all of you soon! Thanks for all you do to make Sierra Bonita great! 

Lost and Found Items:  Throughout the school year we seem to collect several lost items in our lost and found, located by the lunchroom.  Please have your students take a moment to look for their lost items throughout the school year.  You are welcome to come in and look for items that may be your childs’ as well.  If items continue to increase and become too many, we will donate these items to Tabitha’s Way.

PTA News:

We want to welcome our new PTA Board- President-Airy Morris, President Elect-Chantille Johnson, Secretary-Elizabeth Smith and Treasurer-Tiffany Thomas.

Our PTA plays a vital part in the success of our school and students. The PTA provides several activities that we enjoy throughout the school year such as the Book Fair, Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Nights, Family Movie Night, Volunteers for class parties and activities, Birthday Lunches, Walk to School and Safety Week, Reflections, Teacher Appreciation and countless hours spent volunteering in the school.  Our students enjoy these activities and events due to the efforts of the PTA.  Please make sure you stop by the PTA tables at the Open House/Back to School night on August 20th and sign up with the PTA, check out the new school shirts and see if there are some areas you can help out the PTA and our school by volunteering your time.

PTA meetings will be held on the 2ndMonday of each month starting in September at 9:15 in the faculty room.  All PTA members are invited and encouraged to come.


School Community Council

Elections are currently being accepted if you are interested in serving on the School Community Council until August 25th.  Forms can be picked up at the school or can be found on our school website:


Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the form. Turn them into the office by August 25th.

Elections will be held from August 28th-September 1st


Pick-Up Zone & Parking

We appreciate the efforts of all parents and staff members in providing for the safety of students in our drop-off and pick up zones. Please help us to ensure that all students are accompanied by an adult when crossing through the pick-up zone.  Also, thank you for reserving our handicapped parking spaces for those who have need for these parking stalls. We remind you to please park in a parking stall if you need to leave your vehicles to come inside the school.  This allows the flow of the drop-off and pick-up areas to be maintained and keeps vehicles moving forward and not backing up!  We have great appreciation for everyone’s efforts to increase safety in our parking lots and drop off and pick-up zones before and after school.  Please see our map for areas for drop of and pick-up on our website under information tab and in the School Information Handbook.

Note: By law, bus zones cannot be used as drop off and pick up zones even if there are no buses present!


School Checkout Procedures

Please follow the following procedures when you need to check a student out from school before the end-of-school bell rings.  First, share with an office secretary that an early checkout is necessary, second, fill out information and sign name on the checkout sheet located in the office area, andthird,wait in the office area until your student arrives in the office. Thank you.


Students Walking, Riding Bicycles/Scooters & Crosswalks

We have many students who are walking and riding bicycles/scooters to school each day. We have provided training for students to use sidewalks and to follow the instructions of adult supervisors and our crossing guards. We have instructed students to use the crosswalk in front of the school when crossing 1800 East. Faculty members will serve as crossing guards at this crosswalk. We ask that all parents please instruct their children on these and other safety measures to better ensure that students safely make their way to and from school each day. We are excited to have the new fence around our North bike rack to help provide more safety for students and make it accessible to our students coming from that direction.


Spirit Day

We have school spirit at Sierra Bonita, and have designated each Friday as our School Spirit Day. We have nice school shirts and encourage children to wear their school shirts (this year’s and past years’ shirts) or school colors (blue and maroon) on Fridays.  We have a lot to be proud of at Sierra Bonita and want to do all we can to build school pride. 


Calendar of Events for August

Monday, August 20th……….…………………...…………..……….……Open House/Back to School Night (3-5 PM)

Tuesday, August 21st………...…...…..………………………………….………...First Day of School (1st-6thgrades)

Tuesday, August 21st……….…………Kindergarten Assessments Begin (Sign-Up for a time with Students Teacher)

Tuesday, August 28th……….…………………...…………..……….…….…… . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kindergarten Begins

Monday, September 10th..…....……………………….……………. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .School Carnival (5-8:00 pm)