Jaker's Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Donation


On Monday, October 22nd, Jaker's Pumpkin Patch will be donating pumpkins to our entire school. Please make arrangements with your student to pick them up, car pool, or walk after school so they do not have to ride their bikes/scooters home while trying to carry one of these pumpkins.


Lost and Found


Our lost and found is overloaded with jackets and lunchboxes. These items will be donated to charity after school on Wednesday, October 17th. Please have your child check the lost and found for any missing items.

Smaller lost and found items such as glasses, hair bows, keys, earrings, neclaces, etc; can be found in the office lost and found. We do have car keys, house keys as well if any parents have lost their car keys or an extra set while visiting the school.

PTA Fundraiser Winners!!

Sierra Bonita Families, You are amazing! You helped us raise $4,862.15. We are really grateful for your support and generosity. 
Mrs. Young's 2nd grade class won a limo ride and lunch with Mr. Andersen. Ms. Cope's 6th grade class won a pizza party and Ms. Matteis' 1st grade class won an ice cream treat.  As a schoolwide reward, we'll be taping Mr. Andersen to the wall during lunch time.  Thank you once again! We're excited to be able to make a significant donation to our school and to fund all the activities we have planned for this year. Sierra Bonita PTA

Praise Notes 10-12-2018


Every Friday, "Praise Notes" are read during morning announcements. These students are called to the office and get thier picture taken. Students can earn a "Praise Note" by being caught doing kind things throughout the school and classrooms.

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PTA Fundraiser Update

Airy Morris

Sierra Bonita Parents,  

As of this morning, our PTA fundraiser total stands at $1258.14. Our hope is to raise $4,500. We need your support! Our school has a little over 900 students. If each family donates as little as $5 per child attending Sierra Bonita, we can easily achieve our goal. 

We encourage everyone to participate. Our hope is to donate at least $2,250 to the school to purchase much needed equipment like a new office laminator, classroom microphones, and Chromebooks. How much we can actually give to the school and how many of our PTA sponsored activities we get to have depend on this fundraiser. 

We are extending the donation deadline to Monday, October15th. Please send your donation with your student(s) or drop it off at the school office by then. 

Contact us if you have any questions. Our email is sierrabonitapta@gmail.com

Thank you,

Sierra Bonita PTA


PTA's Annual Fundraiser

Sierra Bonita families:   

This week is our PTA's annual fundraiser. We have decided to do direct donation once again so that 100% of your contributions can be used to benefit our school, teachers, and children. 

We want to raise enough money to purchase new technology and office equipment for our school and fund some PTA sponsored activities. Your child should have brought home a letter and donation form today.  (they are also attached). 

Please read over the letter and have your child bring back their envelope by this coming Friday, October 12th. The PTA is looking for 100% participation regardless of your contribution. If we reach our goal of $4500.00, we will tape Mr. Andersen to the wall during lunch time for all the students to see. 

Thank you for your support! 

Sierra Bonita PTA


Meet Our Student Council Publicity Committee!

Article by: Mary Moss, Maia Manwaring, and Eve Van Dyk; photo by: Kellie Nelson

Mary Moss; Loves Disneyland and is in Mrs. Nelson's class 

Kambrea Hovey; Can’t eat spicy food and is in Mrs. Nelson’s class 

Eve Van Dyk; Loves reading and is in Mrs. Heaps class 

Amy Tong; Loves Chick-Fil-A and is in Mrs. Cope's Class 

Kaylen Burton; Sprained her knee doing a front handspring and is in Mrs. Heaps class 

Kyra Azevedo; Hates seafood and is in Mrs. Elzingas class 

Kelsey Jewks; Is Adopted and is in Mrs. Cope's class 

Shaylee Durfy; loves panda express Is in Mrs. Heaps class 

Andrew Peterson; Favorite food is pizza and is in Mrs. Elzingas class 

Maia Manwaring; Loves her dog and is in Mrs. Elzingas class 

Brynn Silvia; Loves to travel and is in Mrs. Nelson's class 

Bowdie Hobbs; Has 9 siblings and is in Mrs. Elzingas class 

John Galt; Loves football and is in Mrs. Cope's class 

Makenzie Olson; Dyed her hair from brown to blonde and is in Mrs. Nelson's class 

Ryan Basham; Likes football and is in Mrs. Heaps class 

Thanks to Mrs. Nelson of 6th grade for being the publicity committee instructor and Tiffany Manwaring for helping us out.

Scarecrow's on Main - CONTEST!!!!

Sierra Bonita Families!!!

Our school has a Sierra Bonita Bear scarecrow on Spanish Fork main street!!!! The first 10 families to:

1- Take a selfie with our Sierra Bonita 'Scarecrow' Bear

2 - Post your selfie to Facebook or Instagram

3 - Tag our school in your post with your selfie

4- Be one of the first 10 families to come to the school office Monday, October 8th starting at 8:30am will win a $5 gift card to various places.

Good luck! Your kiddos will love finding our bear!! I can't wait to see the selfies you start posting!!



#nebohero #NeboSchoolDistrict #studentsuccess #empowerstudents #engagestudents #focusonstudents #loveUTpublicschools #utpol #uted 

PTA Fall Arts Festival

Amy Van Dyk

Our PTA is putting on a Fall Arts Festival. This will be in place of our Reflections. Visual Art, photography and literature entries will have a certain entry time (2:30-4:00pm Monday, November 5th) Dance, drama, and music entries will be performed in front of judges that afternoon after school. You must sign up for a time to perform. Sign-ups are in the office. There will be NO electronic (video, CD, etc.) submissions of art.

***There will be NO THEME that students must follow, but there will be suggested themes if students need a jumping off point. The suggested themes for 2018 are "I Smile When..." and " I Can be a Hero...".

Please see all the attached forms for more information regarding the Fall Arts Festival.