Turkey Gobbling Assembly

by Sarianne Condie.
Turky contest.JPG

On November 22, Sierra Bonita students showed their best impression of a turkey gobble in hopes to win a turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner during the Turkey Gobbling Assembly. Each class chose their best gobbler to compete for the grade level turkey in front of the entire school. The world renowned judges did a wonderful job at picking the best gobblers to win the prize! We had a great time not only hearing turkey impressions, but the judges required some gobblers to act like turkeys to decide the winner of some grade levels. Even the faculty had a chance to show their best gobbles! Congratulations to Sophie H, Ryker R., Vanessa M., Hampton B., Michelle M., Camden S., and Mr. Loreen who won a frozen turkey and congratulations to those students who participated in the contest! You all were fantastic!

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