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T’was the Night Before Idol

Submitted by janna.slye on Thu, 05/16/2013 - 08:09
third grade team

T’was the night before Teacher Idol,

and all through the school

all teachers were hiding,

preparing to act cool.


The stage was all set

for the next day with care

in hopes that all teams,

would participate there.


The great day arrived with 1st grade taking the stage,

they started things off, with One Direction

who is ALL the rage!

They looked like five delicate swans, swooshing and swirling

When what to our wondering eyes should appear,

none other than Luke Skywalker, and his father so dear.


Next, we welcomed 3rd….Wheatley, Malo, Latham, and Pyne

They put together a show, dazzling and divine.

Lack of audio enhancement was the cause of their decline.

Judge Simon Cowell called it an up and down ride,

as he winked to the crowd looking from side to side.


5th then took the stage with the Gummi Bear Song

They know how to ROCK it, as all joined along.


Those sixth grade men throw a bash after school

Enlightening all teachers, that ‘cupid’ leaps really are COOL!


Mrs. Slye, Casey, and Miss Peggy so brave…definitely were not born in a cave.

Peggy bolted out a magnificent tune

As all three together danced with a cup, not a spoon.

Casey, never missed a beat.

While Mrs. Slye had a stash in her desk, as her other cups took fleet.

To the naked eye, one never would have known,

as her quick and tricky handiwork replaced the one flown.


A hard act to follow, thought 2nd grade as they entered the playing field.

Competition had been stiff,

but there was NO WAY they would yield.

With confidence and poise they began their tribute,

singing a song about trouble,

they hoped they wouldn’t get the boot.

Glamorous judge Mariah declared with absolute glee,

“Girls, that was Trouble, with a capital T.”


Last, but not least, our technicians stood strong.

They showed us things CAN be done with a BANG and a BONG!


Kindergarten and 4th missed most of the day,

for they were out learning on fieldtrips

more than ten miles away.


When students returned to their classrooms with care,

word had already been made known

that the 2nd grade team were the new heirs to the throne.


Anxiously we’ll await the performances of next year,

when the competition will resume,