October 2017

Jaker's Donate Pumpkins to Sierra Bonita!!


A HUGE Thank you to Jake, who owns Jakers Pumpkin Patch. He DONATED pumpkins to the ENTIRE SCHOOL! The students were beyong excited! We can't thank them enough for their generosity. Some students couldn't carry their pumpkins, so they rolled them to their classrooms. Too cute!

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PTA Skate Night!

photos by: Sara Pratt

PTA held a fundraiser. If the students made their goal, they had a free skate night at Classic Skating! Thank you PTA for putting on a fun reward for our students

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Reflections Due - October 27th



Our PTA is so excited for this Friday morning 8:30-9:00 am before school!  Reflections entries are due!

If at all possible, we encourage a parent a guardian to join your student when they turn their entries in so we can make sure then and there that we have the right forms and signatures filled out correctly.  This saves us time and it saves you from making an extra trip to the school.

Students will receive a small treat that morning for EACH entry they enter (they can enter up to one per category) AND the PTA sponsors this program so we can give out medals, ribbons, and/or certificates to each participant depending on the level of award they receive.  Our Reflections Honors Night will be November 14th at 7 pm and all students who enter are invited to come and celebrate their efforts with their families!

All students who receive PTA Reflections’ highest award will also be eligible to move on to the district level and beyond and receive more recognition depending on how far they go!

We love the Reflections program and we love to see our Sierra Bonita students’ imaginations come alive through art!

You can find information, forms, and rules at Utahpta.org/reflections.

Please call or text Amy van Dyk with any questions!  801-691-6931

We hope to see you and your student FRIDAY morning BEFORE school (8:30-9:00 am on the school stage)!

-Sierra Bonita PTA Reflections Committee

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Fall Break - NO SCHOOL


Just a friendly reminder....school will NOT be held tomorrow, Thursday, October 19th or Friday, October 20th for fall break.

We will see you back on Monday, October 23rd!

Sierra Bonita Elementary

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2nd Grade Pumpkins!


Second graders had the opportunity to decorate pumpkins and display them. They did such a wonderful job! Enjoy the pictures!

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Revolutionary War Project.

Mrs. Sorensen

Students in Mrs. Sorensen's 5th grade class, researched information on important people of the Revolutionary War.  They presented their projects to the class.  Projects included interviews with the famous person or slide presentations.  

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Box Tops Week - October 23rd-27th

Box Tops will be collected the week of… October 23rd - 27th It's a fun and easy way to help earn money for our school.

For every class that brings in 300 box tops, extra recess time will be earned!

Also, an Otter Pop party will be awarded to the class with the most Box Tops out of grades K-3 and 4-6!

Please flier for more information

Sierra Bonita PTA

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