April 2014

Friday - Walk to school day! Wear green for safety week!

Tiffany Manwaring

Thank you to all those who walked to school Friday! We loved how many students wore green for safety week! Thanks for making this such wonderful week!

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Thursday - Go CrAzY for safety!

Tiffany Manwaring

Thursday - Go CrAzY for safety! Crazy hair day!

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Safety Assembly

Tiffany Manwaring

The students at Sierra Bonita enjoyed going to the Safety Assembly the PTA put together. We enjoyed hearing from Officer White from the Utah Highway Patrol. We also heard from Carrie Bensen from the Health Department, as well as, our very own Sierra Bonita Crossing Guards.

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Safety Week - Bike Helmet Winner!

Tiffany Manwaring

Students need to fill out a pledge form and turn it into the office. Names are being drawn during morning announcements. Today during our safety week assembly, Cher Jackson won a helmet because her name was chosen from the pledge box. Congratulations Cher Jackson! There is still time to win! Just fill out your pledge and turn it into the office. Listen for your chance to win during morning announcements.

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Green Ribbon Week - Tuesday - Heads up to safety! Wear a hat today.

Tiffany Manwaring

Students were very creative when they came to school wearing hats for hat day!

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Green Ribbon Week - Crazy Socks / Shoes

Photo: Student Council

Students at Sierra Bonita had a great time switching up their socks and shoes to kick off Green Ribbon Week! We even had some teachers join in the fun! Way to go Mrs. Dietz and Mrs. Strong!

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Green Ribbon Week!


This week is Green Ribbon week and we are CrAzY for Safety!

Monday - Watch your step! Wear mismatch /crazy socks and shoes

Tuesday - Heads up to safety! Wear a hat today.

Wednesday - Rise' n shine for safety! Wear modest pajamas to school today!

Thursday - Go CrAzY for safety! Crazy hair day!

Friday - Walk to school day! Wear green for safety week!

Saturday - 5k and 1 mile fun run! Please pick up registration papers in the office or online at the school website.

Lets have a GREAT week!

Treasure of Pennies for our Penny Wars!

Photo: Tiffany Manwaring

We wanted to share a cute story with you concerning Penny Wars. Cher Jackson in 1st grade had a Great Grandfather who recently passed away, this Great Grandfather had a treasure of pennies. Today Cher and her Grandparents came to the school to donate his treasure to us. They felt he would want it to go to this worthy cause. Thank you to Cher and her family! This put 1st grade in the lead and was a huge boost toward our goal. We love the support we get from our Sierra Bonita family!!!

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