Sierra Bonita Students being called heroes were featured on KSL TV

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Four 6th graders at Sierra Bonita Elementary School are being called heroes. In the middle of recess, one of their classmates had an asthma attack.

Click here to watch the story featured on KSL:

On Monday, October 20, Eric Record, Bradley Baadsgaard, Kobe Peterson and Kai Nelson were playing football. Eric and Kai were running up field when Eric began having trouble breathing.

"My lungs felt like they were caving in, and my airway — I could feel it being blocked," Eric said.

Eric collapsed.

"We saw him grabbing his neck like this, and his veins popping out, and he's turning blue struggling for air," Bradley said.

Kai and Kobe yelled for help while Bradley ran to Eric.

"I was kind of scared that he wouldn't make it," Bradley said.

"I was feeling warm, and my eyes were kind of blurred a little bit," Eric said.

Bradley stayed calm and carried Eric to the nurse's office. He said it likely took him 30 seconds, but it felt like forever.

When the boys got to the office, Eric was hooked up to an oxygen tank. It was Eric's first asthma attack.

"Without my friends, I probably would've gone into shock," Eric said.

Eric is now ok. He's back playing football, but with an inhaler nearby.

"Oh, I have the coolest friends," said Eric.