3rd Grade Service Project

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It IS better to give than receive!  Students in Mrs. Wheatley's third grade class felt the satisfaction that comes from giving when they tied 13fleece blankets on December 19th.  These blankets were given to the Juvenile Justice Center for their residents.  Parents donated store bought fleece to the service project.  Other parents volunteered to cut and trim the fabric edges.  Other parents volunteered to help the students tie the fleece into blankets.  One student said, "I like it when I can do something for someone else.  I hope they like my blanket."


by Robin Wheatley

Missing 1st Grade Gingerbread Man

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HELP!  First graders at Sierra Bonita made a gingerbread man today and he ran away! He's about one foot tall, has peppermint eyes, a brown m&m nose, and red and green gumdrop buttons.  He goes by the name of Gingy. If you have any ideas on his whereabouts, please send him back to us.  THANK YOU!

by Shami Wilkinson

3rd Grade Country Reports

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The 3rd grade recently completed research projects. Some of them are on countries, animals or other topics.  Mrs. Christensen's class all did country reports and have been presenting them for the class and parents. They covered things like daily life, capitals, population, and what the country looks like. They have had fun while learning a lot about our world.  They made posters, typed up their reports, and presented them in front of the class. Some students brought in items, money, and food from that country. It was a lot of fun.

by Danielle Christensen

Christmas Around the World- 2nd Grade

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On December 2nd, second graders from Sierra Bonita had the opportunity to go to Christmas Around the World at BYU.  We saw dances from many different cultures.  Among our favorites were the bottle dance from Israel, a scarf dance from Mexico, and the river dance from Ireland.  It was fun to see talented dancers portray the holiday traditions of different cultures from all around the world

By Maria Mathews

2nd Grade "Show and Teach"

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In Miss Mathew's Second Grade class they are doing a special project called Show and Teach.  Each student signed up for a time where they got to be the teacher.  To go along with their unit about steps in a process, each student was assigned to think of something they would like to teach the class how to do.  Using the steps in a process format, they were then given a few minutes on their assigned day to teach the class.  So far they have learned how to make Kool-Aid, paper origami flowers, candy leis, cookie pilgrim hats, paper h

By Maria Mathews

Turkey Gobbling Assembly

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On November 22, Sierra Bonita students showed their best impression of a turkey gobble in hopes to win a turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner during the Turkey Gobbling Assembly. Each class chose their best gobbler to compete for the grade level turkey in front of the entire school. The world renowned judges did a wonderful job at picking the best gobblers to win the prize! We had a great time not only hearing turkey impressions, but the judges required some gobblers to act like turkeys to decide the winner of some grade levels. Even the faculty had a chance to show their best gobbles!

by Sarianne Condie.