Veteran's Flag Ceremony

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Fri, 09/16/2022 - 12:29

All the students at Sierra Bonita had the privilege of watching our local Veteran's teach then about Flag Ceremonies. Once it was finished all the students recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Thank you Veterans! 

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Photos by: Amanda Shepherd

Praise Notes - Friday, September 16th

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Fri, 09/16/2022 - 11:24

Every Friday, "Praise Notes" are read during morning announcements. These students are called to the office and get their picture taken. Students can earn a "Praise Note" by being caught doing kind things throughout the school and classrooms.

#BelieveInYou #SierraBonita #Sierrabonitabears #TheClimb #NeboHero #NeboSchoolDistrict #StudentSuccess #EmpowerStudents #EngageStudents #FocusOnStudents #LoveUTpublicSchools #UtPol #UtEd #ThankATeacher #LoveTeaching

Vision Screening - Thursday, September 29th

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Fri, 09/16/2022 - 11:01

Vision screenings will be held on Thursday, September 29th. If your child wears glasses, please have them wear them this day.

If you wish to "Opt Out" your student, please see the attached document and bring it to the school nurse. 

#BelieveInYou #SierraBonita #Sierrabonitabears #TheClimb #NeboHero #NeboSchoolDistrict #StudentSuccess #EmpowerStudents #EngageStudents #FocusOnStudents #LoveUTpublicSchools #UtPol #UtEd #ThankATeacher #LoveTeaching

Looking for Nebo PEAK Award Candidates

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Thu, 09/15/2022 - 17:05

Do you know someone in our schools and departments who really “gets it” when it comes to exceptional customer service? If so, Nebo School District wants to recognize them for having a positive impact on customers. We are looking for an employee that has Positive Energy and Kindness, that has made a special effort by performing remarkable customer service. All nominations will be reviewed, and qualified candidates will be recognized at the Nebo School District Board of Education meetings. (Keep nomination a secret until announced.)

Lana Hiskey

A "Ray" of Sunshine!

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Thu, 09/15/2022 - 14:26

One of our favorite volunteers, Ray Galt, has been coming to volunteer at Sierra Bonita for many years now. He volunteers in just about every grade. When the teachers found out we were getting more volunteers it was known that everyone wanted RAY!!! The students love him and we hear laughter everywhere.

He makes learning FUN! He is a "Ray" of sunshine in our school!! We want him to know how much he is appreciated and valued here at Sierra Bonita!!

Thank you for being our "Ray" of Sunshine!!

Mr. Andersen Makes Pancakes for Kindergarteners!

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Thu, 09/15/2022 - 14:15

Kindergarten students have been learning about the nursery rhyme "Mix a Pancake" is goes like this:

"Mix a pancake, Stir a pancake, Pop it in the pan. Fry the pancake, Toss the pancake, Catch it if you can."

Student enjoyed eating pancakes made by Mr. Andersen!! What a fun way to learn a nursery rhyme and the shape of a circle! Some students had already finished eating by the time I made it down for pictures :)