Payson Canyon Kids Marathon / 5K Packet Pick-Up

For those participating in the Payson Canyon Kids Marathon / 5K race event this weekend, packet pick-up for the race will be tomorrow, May 9, from 3-5pm at Maple Ridge Elementary School, 2340 West Harvest Parkway, Mapleton, UT 84664.  Packet pick-up will also be held Saturday before the race, beginning at 7:30 for the 5k and 8:30 for the Kids Marathon.  The race location is 300 South Main St. Payson Utah.  

The Race start times are: 

5K starts at 8:00am

Kids Marathon starts at 9:00am


The 2019 Sierra Bonita Leadership Scholarship Goes To........

McKell Cope

We would like to congratulate Austin Livingston, the recipient of our 2019 Sierra Bonita Leadership Scholorship. He is a former SB bear that has demonstrated dedication and leadership throughout his schooling career. Thanks to our SB community for donating to our schools "Penny Wars". With the money raised during that week, we were able to award this scholarship.  Congratulations Austin!

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Hope of America Reminder!

Hope of America is this Thursday May 9th at 7:30 pm. it will be held at the Marriot center on BYU campus.  This year they are not printing programs. I will be printing one for each of the students participating. They should bring it home. If you would like to print more it is attached to this email.  Also, this year they are live streaming the performance. You can watch it online here on Thursday night:        Go to Fest Remind the students to bring a flashlight and a pair of sunglasses!!!   Thanks, Sara Pratt

2019 Nebo Summer Theatre Camp


2019 Nebo Summer

Theatre Camp! 

for Students currently in Grades 4, 5 and 6


Session 1: July 8-19 at Sierra Bonita

Session 2: July 22-Aug 2 at Spring Lake

$79   9 am – 12 noon M-F

Participants will perform a comedy - 

Old Dry Frye – a hilarious folk tale!

Full attendance at rehearsals required – no partial attendance, please 



Contact info:           

Required Kindergarten Immunizations for

Dear Parents of New Kindergarten Students: 

For kindergarten attendance for 2019/2020 school year, Utah State law requires the following immunizations for the protection of your child and others from communicable diseases: 

           5 DTaP           4 Polio        2 MMR      3 Hepatitis B       2 Hepatitis A

           2 Varicella (Chickenpox)       

The 5th DTP and 4th Polio immunizations need to be given after the child’s 4th birthday, the first MMR and Chickenpox vaccines must be given after the first birthday.  Parents may sign the appropriate box on the pink immunization card indicating their child has had the Chicken pox disease instead of the vaccine.


** As a NEW requirement starting July 1, 2018, a NEW appropriate Utah Department of Health Exemption form must be obtained and put on file at school for those children who claim exemption to immunization for religious or personal reasons.  The module and form will be available after July 1, 2018.  For Medical Exemption, a letter from the physician stating which immunization(s) the student may be exempt from due to a medical condition is sufficient. **

Immunizations are available from your personal physician or from the Utah County Health Department according to the schedule below.  Please bring your records of previous immunizations for your child to your doctor or the health department clinic. 


Location/Days of Health Dept. Clinics                         Address                                         Hours

Provo  Mon, Tues, Fri.                                  151 S. University Ave                          8:00 to 5:00

Provo  Wed.                                                  151 S. University Ave                          8:00 to 7:00                     

Provo  Thurs.                                               151 S. University Ave                          9:00 to 5:00                                             

 American Fork  Mon. thru Fri.                     599 S. 500 E. Suite 2                           8:00 to 5:00


Payson each Tuesday                                      WIC 910 E. 100 N.                               4:00 to 7:00


A physical examination, including vision screening, and a dental examination are strongly recommended for entering kindergarten students.  Utah County Health Dept. Wellness Clinic performs physicals for $30. Appointments can be made by calling 801-851-7031.  Physical and dental exams and immunizations are advised in the Spring and early Summer to avoid crowds in the fall.

Praise Note 5-3-2019

photo by: Amy Mafi

Every Friday, "Praise Notes" are read during morning announcements. These students are called to the office and get thier picture taken. Students can earn a "Praise Note" by being caught doing kind things throughout the school and classrooms.

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Father and Sons Game Night!

Bring Your A game to Sierra Bonita Elementary Father and Sons Game Night! 

THIS Friday, May 3rd 2019 6:00-7:30 PM 

Dads or Other Great Man in your life or even Mom and MVP sons 

In the School Gym and Outside play yard (all games will be inside if inclement weather)

Pizza provided! 

Wear Your favorite team Jersey, bring your phone for a photo! And come have fun

(Non sport games too!

Praise Note 4-26-2019

photo by: Amy Mafi

Every Friday, "Praise Notes" are read during morning announcements. These students are called to the office and get thier picture taken. Students can earn a "Praise Note" by being caught doing kind things throughout the school and classrooms.

#sierrabonita #nebohero #NeboSchoolDistrict #studentsuccess #empowerstudents #engagestudents #focusonstudents #loveUTpublicschools #utpol #uted

Penny Wars Starts TODAY!!!!

Penny Wars starts TODAY, and the amount we raise will be given to the recipient as a college scholarship to a Sierra Bonita Alumni. Last year, we were able to raise enough to award TWO graduating seniors a $1000 scholarship! We have an amazing community!

Go find all that loose change!  Sierra Bonita Elementary