Second Place Poetry Winner


The Climb

by Helen Linford

I have always hated

When I need to climb,

So I tried to stall,

But I knew it was time.


So I started up,

Already thinking

How treacherous

It was climbing.


I put one hand

In front of the other

Starting to breathe

A little heavier


I was half of

The way up.

Then I slipped!

Why’d I mess up?


Because of that slip

I went down a way.

This day for me

Is looking very gray.


I was breathing so hard

Could I go any further?

So I said to myself

“Should I go slower?”


But which one should I choose;

Getting up a bit slower,

Or (even if I might die!)

Getting to the top quicker?


I decided to go slower.

I definitely could not stand

Going quick, because my heart

Sounded like a drum in a band!


I was almost there

When my left foot fell!

Luckily, my right foot

Was on there well!


My heart beating very, very hard

Onto the top I start pulling myself.

I remembered I had asked for help,

But was told, “Do it yourself.”


Even though no one

Else probably cares,

I finally made it

To the top of the stairs!


 (Mr. Anderson 6th grade)


First Place Poetry Winner


The Very Amazing Creatures

by Brianna Farnsworth

Come hear about these creatures and their amazing features

And sometimes they like to sneeze like very small Sneechers

There is a tall Nunnel, and a small Nunnel

They live, yes they live in a very small tunnel

They only come out of their hole, I’m afraid

When a soft kind of music is gently played

There is also a Buzz for Buzz-B-Ba-Tuzz

It’s a very tall creature for a small baby buzz

You’ll be very surprised where he is found

Once you start to poke around

There is a Likk for Likker who lives in the weeds

And spend their whole life juggling cinnamon seeds

You can find a great, many number

In the month of amazing Octumber

And last but not least there is pickled-spoons

Who doodle and doodle in fat desert dunes

Just doodling, doodling very sad tunes

About peppermints, peanuts, pickles, and prunes

 (Mrs. Cox 4th grade)


Basketball Tournament

by Riley Rogers

The 5th and 6th grade students participated in a one-on-one basketball tournament.  Students spent their lunch recesses playing basketball in hopes of making it to the final tournament.  The winners were:  Shayln Fano, Christian Bainter, Brielle Anderson, and Cody Bailey.  We would also like to give a "shout out" to Mr. Peterson and Mrs. Slye for all the hard work you put into the tournament.

5k and Mile Fun Run

Our School 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run will be held the morning of April 20th, with the 5K starting at 9:00am, and the 1 Mile Fun Run beginning at 10:00am.  Below you will find adult and child waviers that need to be filled out in order to participate.

Child Participant Wavier

Adult Participant Wavier

SCC Meeting

**Notice of Meeting**

Sierra Bonita Elementary‘s

School Community Council

will meet on

April 11, 2013

at 11:40 in the

conference room.

Seven Peak Readers

Just a reminder about Seven Peak Reader passes:

The dates for reading are March 1st through March 31st.  The signed Reading Charts and Rules & Guidelines are due back to your child's teacher by Tuesday, April 9th.  No late forms will be accepted as per Seven Peaks rules.  Please make sure that the forms are signed on BOTH sides.  Forms not signed or will not be accepted.  Thank you.

Poetry Contest

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Sierra Bonita had a poetry writing contest.  All grade levels were invited to create a fun and silly original poem.  The judges include Mr. Chris Baird, Mr. Nate Pyfer, and Mr. James Redford.  Baird is the creator of Serve Daily, a local newspaper, and will be printing the winning poem in the newspaper.  Pyfer is a local musician and music producer who has worked with artists such as Bruce Springsteen and grammy nominated Kaskade.  Redford is a movie writer, director, and producer with strong ties to Sundance, Utah.  Classes who have 100% participation in the poetry writing contest will receive a donut party.  Sierra Bonita will be having an awards assembly where the winners will be announced.   Good luck to all the students!!!

Kindergarten Read Across America Day


Friday was Read Across America day for kindergarten students.  Students learned about a variety of states from each of the kindergarten teachers.  They were able to learn all about the swamp and animals of Florida, the beautiful trees and beaches on the coast of Oregon, the bears of Alaska and the cowboys and cowgirls of Texas.  During each lesson students engaged in activities related to the state such as participating in the Texas Two Step dance and using gummy bears to add and subtract with Alaska. Each state included  books read about those states such as Alaska's Three Bears, Armadillo Rodeo, Down In The Swamp and Beach Day.  Then students used their own copy of the United States map to locate each of the states they learned about and mark on the map where they had "visited" that day.  Another wonderful day!  The kindergarten teachers would like to thank all those who sent in postcards.  They have received lots of postcards from all over the world and are excited to locate them on their maps when they arrive in the mail.

Sierra Bonita's Children's Choir

article by Julianna Matteis

Choir members woke up early every morning for weeks and weeks to practice for choir.  They worked really hard getting everything ready for the March 5th and 6th performances.  The choir did two performances, one for the school and one for all the parents.  The sixth graders did a really great job with their solos, their narrations, and also playing the musical instruments.  The choir thought it was really fun to learn songs in different languages.  They learned to sing a Chinese song, an African song, and a Latin song called “Panis Angelicus.”  One of the favorite songs was “Skip to My Lou” because it was fast paced and included hand motions.  The choir members would really like to thank Mrs. Thueson as the choir director and Mrs. Pickett at the piano, for all of their hard work.  Choir was a lot of fun and the students can’t wait to do it again next year!!!

SCC Meeting

**Notice of Meeting**

Sierra Bonita Elementary‘s

School Community Council

will meet on

March 21, 2013

at 11:40 in the

conference room.