101 Dalmatians

by Leah Farnsworth and Nishelle Cox.
101 dalmatians 010.JPG

One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a fun and exciting play filled with comedy. Stage crew has had tons of fun making sets, the actors have had a good time practicing, and everybody has worked hard. We are all excited to perform. by Leah Farnsworth and Nishelle Cox

3rd Grade Field Trip

by Mechel Allred
3rd Grade Students
3rd Grade Students.JPG

The third grade students enjoyed a very delightful and informative day at the BYU Planetarium, as well as the Monte L. Bean Museum on Leap Day 2012.  Watching a movie on the ceiling about comets and planets helped put into perspective how big our solar system is.  Each student got to pick his/her favorite planet and learn more about it.

The Bean Museum was “stuffed” with animals, insects and habitat information. The elephant was massive and the giraffe really created a surprising display.  The black bear looked just like the Sierra Bonita Bear!   We even got to watch a Black Widow eat a cricket!  Yum, Yum!

Another highlight was walking across the sky bridge that allows safe passage to the different areas on campus.  The weather made the hike pleasant and offered students the chance enjoy one another’s company. 

Student Led SEP Conferences

Coming up on Wednesday, March 14 (and Thursday, March 15 for kindergarten students) we will be holding our Student Led SEP Conferences.  Please click on the link below to veiw a letter with more information.  If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a conference please call the front office 801-798-4480.  Thank you!

Fun in 5th Grade

By Kim Malo.
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This year the 5th grade had planned to go snowshoeing up Diamond Fork Canyon but due to the lack of snow this winter the trip was cancelled.  The 5th grade then planned a fun trip to the Spanish Fork Library and Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art.  The library introduced and talked about new books that came out this year, helping get students excited about reading.  This was great since it was also the week of the school Read-A-Thon.  It was then off to the Museum.   Students enjoyed being on the BYU campus and were able to observe the amazing art work of both BYU students and the current exhibits, including the “Beauty and Belief”.  Students were also able to enjoy an interactive student area of the museum.   Many students had not been to this museum and enjoyed the opportunity to learn and observe the art.   It was a fun trip for all who attended.

3rd Grade Spelling Bee

by Jill Strong.

Sierra Bonita Elementary held their third grade spelling bee. The top third grade spellers were Ian Dailey, Anna Linford, Maddie Davis, Allie Dietz,Cameron Prescott, Marla Henry, Ethan Marsh and Caden Rose. Spelling bee Finalist included Cameron Prescott and Maddie Davis.

Willy Wonka

by Jill Strong.
Willy Wonka Performers.JPG

The 4th grade students at Sierra Bonita Elementary recently had the opportunity to attend a Willy Wonka play. They play was put on by Spanish Fork's Youth Theater and included students from all over Utah County. The 4th graders enjoyed seeing their classmates, Riley Matsuoka and Jacelyn Chappell, who both played Oompa Loompas.

Spelling Bee

by Jill Strong.
Spelling Bee Participants.JPG
Spelling Bee Finalist.JPG

Sierra Bonita held their 1st annual Spelling Bee for the upper-grades. Every 4th, 5th, and 6th grade class participated in a class spelling bee. The top two spellers from became their class representative in the school spelling bee. The finalist for Sierra Bonita's first spelling bee were Rachel Sweat and Gabe Chapman.

Science Fair

by Laura Elzinga

Over 140 students participated in the science fair at Sierra Bonita Elementary on January 26th. Students in the fifth and sixth grade did a wide variety of experiments. All participants are to be congratulated on a job well done. Advancing to the District Science Fair on February 29th are:Joshua Martinez - Power Generation Through Artificial LightBradley Brindley - No Pain, Lots of GainTrevor Perkins - How Does Light Color Affect Plant Growth?Sierra Jensen - Hot vs. Cold Bounce OffAustin Livingston - Preservitives & Fast FoodHelen Linford - Mission Impossible - Making a Candy CandleBrandyn VanTassell - Egg DropBraxton Smithson - Going BananasAlso moving on are Rylie Lundell & AJ Henderson and Ty Erikkson & Will WiddisonWe wish them all the best of luck in their future science endeavors!

Book Fair

On February 2-March 2 the Sierra Bonita PTA will be hosting another book fair.  This is a great opportunity to get books and reading materials at a low price.  Please check out the link below to find out more information about the book fair and to get a preview of some of the books that will be available during the week.


100th Day

Miss Olson's 1st Grade Class.JPG
Getting Ready for 100th Day Muesum Walk.JPG

On January 27, the First Grade celebrated the 100th day of school!  The kids wrote 100 words they knew, wrote their numbers to 100, and even licked a lolly-pop 100 times.  Students brought a bag of 100 small items that they counted and displayed on their desks.  The first graders then were able to go on a 'museum walk' around all the first grade classrooms.  We have had 100 wonderful days of first grade and can't wait for more!