Wish Upon A Star - Message from our PTA


Hi Parents,

If you are still looking for an idea of what do for your child's teacher for Christmas, please consider fulfilling one of their wishes for their classroom!  We want to remind you that the PTA is sponsoring the Wish Upon a Star program for our teachers.  We have asked teachers to let us know what things they need for their cl assrooms for the rest of the year. Many teachers still have unfulfilled wishes.  
If you would like to fill a wish, look for the poster surrounded by tree ornaments outside the classroom door.  The ornaments have a specific item that the teacher could really use. If you haven't already taken the opportunity, please take a minute to choose an ornament with an item that you would like to supply for your teacher and then return the item to the teacher before the break. If you've already chosen an ornament, please remember to return the item to the teacher. :)

Thank you for your support of our teachers!
Sierra Bonita PTA

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