Sing Around the Tree Performance Information

Hi Parents,

We are excited for our 6th annual "Sing Around the Tree" performances. Feel free to attend on the days that your child will be performing. Please note, this is a school assembly but parents are welcome to attend. There will be limited space available, so we ask that all strollers be left in the hallway.

AM Kindergarten & 4th Grade: Wednesday, December 14th @ 9:30am

PM Kindergarten & 5th Grade: Friday, December 16th @ 2:00pm

Medical Fragile Unit - Monday, December 19th @ 10:00am

1st Grade & 6th Grade: Tuesday, December 20th @ 2:00pm

2nd Grade & 3rd Grade: Thursday, December 22nd @ 9:30am

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 801-798-4480.

Sierra Bonita Elementary