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This is the Place

Submitted by janna.slye on Wed, 05/15/2013 - 09:54
story by Elise Jones (4th grade student) photos by Erica Dietz

At my first sight of the park I saw an old wagon and an old pioneer house.  There are amazing statues that I couldn't wait to learn about.  The first building that I saw was the Brigham Young Academy.  It was established in 1876.  It only had 59 students!  Sadly it was destroyed by a fire.  In 1903 it became BYU or Brigham Young University.

The early settlers would always wear a vest because their shirts were their underwear.  They would also wear big hats to keep their faces cool.  They would wear pocket watches and boots for working in the fields.

The pioneers first made the town hall which was more like a hut.  The pioneers would use it to sleep under and to hold religious meetings, unlike nowadays.  We have big buildings with many rooms.

The Pony Express was created in 1860.  It only lasted for a year and a half because the telegraph was invented.

Tom Thumb lived in Utah too.  He was the shortest man in the world.

The Huntsman Hotel had many places to buy things and trade things.

The trees at the monument are 2,000-3,000 years old!  I think that is very unbelievable.  I think that the train tour was truly amazing.

Later we went to a school.  It was fun to see the different customs they did and learn part of the Deseret Alphabet.  I loved hearing their school rules.  The teacher made this lesson very fun.

The black smith can make almost anything that you want using metal and iron.  He was very funny while telling us great information.

We all got to pull handcarts.  It was very challengine having to work together to push and pull the handcarts.

After all of my adventure, I think that it is a great experience for families.  I learned so much and had a great time.  In my opinion, THIS IS THE PLACE!!