Mountain Man visits 4th Grade

by Erica Dietz
Mountain Man visits 4th Grade 1
Mountain Man visits 4th Grade 2
Mountain Man visits 4th Grade 3

Sierra Bonita 4th graders were entertained last week by mountain man, Scott “Grizzly” Sorensen.  Dressed in buckskin clothing, Scott demonstrated the use of various tools, traps and weapons used by the mountain men and Native Americans of the 1800s. Mr. Sorensen told the students stories of legendary mountain men such as Jedediah Smith, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson.  The students were introduced to the early methods of trapping, tanning, muzzle loading, and the telling of tall tales. They also enjoyed a slide show of many of the animals the mountain men would have encountered as well as pictures from the mountain man rendezvous held at Fort Bridger, Wyoming each year. It truly made western history and the mountain men era come alive for students.