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Kindergarten Field Trip

Submitted by janna.slye on Sun, 09/29/2013 - 16:55
article by Kindergarten teachers

Kindergarten had a wonderful time on their first field trip of the year.  They focused on using their five sensed to learn about the world around them.  The students were able to engage in many different activities at the park:

  • They examined pond water looking for live critters and found some tiny tadpoles and insects in the water.  While at the pond they observed many ducks that were swimming in the water and looking for bugs to eat on the shore.  They also saw lots of colorful dragonflies.
  • They had fun looking through the binoculars and were able to see the mountains and to find birds flying in the sky.  It was fun for the Kindergarten students to be able to see things that were far away up close.
  • At the park there were many different kinds of trees.  They compared the types of leaves and needles they saw on each of the trees.  They talked about what it would feel like to be a tree and stretch their "branches" up to the sky.  They also felt the bark on the trees and discussed how it protects the tree.
  • Kindergarten students had fun walking on the boardwalk and looking at the wetlands area.  They were able to watch carefully and see spiders in their webs, water skippers on the water, tiny fish swimming, and lots of different types of grasses.  They even used their sense of hearing to listen to a bunch of croaking frogs.  
  • They tallied the different types of animals they were able to see while at the park. 
  • They even used their sense of taste to eat a gummy treat at the end of the day.  The students loved their field trip!


The kindergarten teachers want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the great moms and dads who were able to help out and make the experience so successful.