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Kindergarten Author's Celebration

Submitted by janna.slye on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 14:48

Last week kindergarten students celebrated being authors!  Kindergarten teachers are so proud of all the hard work and effort students expended in creating their masterpieces.  They went through the entire writing process to create the final product of a poem book.  They learned about different types of poems and then wrote poems together as a class.  The students then wrote their own poems!  Then they read their poems to their teacher who then typed them and printed them out to become the book of poems.  Students then illustrated their poems, making sure their pictures matched what their poem was about.  They practiced reading their poems to themselves and each other in class.  They also had the opportunity to share their poem books with third graders. 

Then finally they were able to share their wonderful books with many parents.  The students did a fabulous job during this whole process and especially in presenting their books to adults!   THANK YOU to all the parents and family members who were able to come and enjoy their author's celebration and share the accomplishments of each of the students.  The kindergarten teachers appreciate you supporting your child's writing talents.  The students were able to feel very successful and accomplished by being able to share their writing with so many adults.