Fun in 5th Grade

By Kim Malo.
5th grade 002.JPG

This year the 5th grade had planned to go snowshoeing up Diamond Fork Canyon but due to the lack of snow this winter the trip was cancelled.  The 5th grade then planned a fun trip to the Spanish Fork Library and Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art.  The library introduced and talked about new books that came out this year, helping get students excited about reading.  This was great since it was also the week of the school Read-A-Thon.  It was then off to the Museum.   Students enjoyed being on the BYU campus and were able to observe the amazing art work of both BYU students and the current exhibits, including the “Beauty and Belief”.  Students were also able to enjoy an interactive student area of the museum.   Many students had not been to this museum and enjoyed the opportunity to learn and observe the art.   It was a fun trip for all who attended.

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