Diamond Fork Junior High Registration Assembly

Parent(s) of Sierra Bonita Sixth Grade Students, 

On Friday, March 23rd, 2018 Diamond Fork Jr. High School would like to invite you to attend a registration assembly in the junior high café-torium.  We will be meeting with the sixth grade students from 9:30-11:00 AM for an introduction to our school.  Parents and students will have the opportunity to view a brief presentation and to receive 7th grade registration information.  If you cannot attend, your student will be instructed to bring home the registration form for your approval and signature.  The 7th grade registration form needs to be returned to their 6th grade teacher by March 30th.  If the registration form is not returned to their teacher by March 30th, please bring it to the junior high school Counseling Center as soon as possible.  Late registration forms may cause students not to receive their chosen electives.  

We look forward to helping your student have a successful junior high experience. 

Thank you,

Diamond Fork Junior High Counselors

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