Boxtops from Sams Club


Through the month of September (so there's not much time left!), SAMS Club is doing a promotion that gives money directly to our school if you buy 3 qualifying items. If you are doing your weekend grocery shopping, just take a quick look at the qualifying items and choose three to add to your list. Easy peasy. We can get an extra $1600 just from doing the shopping we are already planning on doing anyway. Follow these steps: 1. Download the Boxtops App ( exists. Apps for everything these days!)2. Go do your shopping and choose 3 of the qualifying items3. Scan your receipt4. Choose our school, and BOOM. Free mulah!  Go to to see the items and to see the info as well. If you need help, come talk to me and I'll help you scan your receipts, download apps, or whatever you need. Let's get some free money ya'll. Happy shopping :)