3rd Grade Field Trip

by Mechel Allred
3rd Grade Students
3rd Grade Students.JPG

The third grade students enjoyed a very delightful and informative day at the BYU Planetarium, as well as the Monte L. Bean Museum on Leap Day 2012.  Watching a movie on the ceiling about comets and planets helped put into perspective how big our solar system is.  Each student got to pick his/her favorite planet and learn more about it.

The Bean Museum was “stuffed” with animals, insects and habitat information. The elephant was massive and the giraffe really created a surprising display.  The black bear looked just like the Sierra Bonita Bear!   We even got to watch a Black Widow eat a cricket!  Yum, Yum!

Another highlight was walking across the sky bridge that allows safe passage to the different areas on campus.  The weather made the hike pleasant and offered students the chance enjoy one another’s company. 

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