May 2017

5K/1Mile Fun Run Winners!

Congratulations to the following students for placing in our annual 5K/1Mile Fun Run!

K-3rd Grade Mile Fun Run Winners:

1st - Scout Pali with a time of 7:30

2nd - Davin Rosenbaum with a time of 8:00

3rd - Karson Hill with a time of 8:09

4th-6th Grade Mile Fun Run Winners:

1st - Caden Blair with a time of 7:20

2nd - Jaron Burton with a time of 7:50

3rd - Ethan Welch with a time of 8:17

K-3rd Grade 5K Winners:

1st - Hudson Hoyt with a time of 27:00

2nd - Nathan Andersen with a time of 27:24

3rd - Cardon Reeder (unknown time)

4th - 6th Grade 5K Winners:

1st - Caden Blair with a time of 22:30

2nd - Jaron Burton with a time of 22:58

3rd - Zach Perrins with a time of 24:20

K-2 Dances About the Weather

photo by: Melanie Fillmore

K-2 Dances about the Weather This last week the K-2 classes at Sierra Bonita Elementary used dance and movement to help them review, learn, and remember information about the weather.  As part of Nebo School District's GAINS (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools) program, Dance Specialist, Melanie Fillmore visited with these younger grades to model for teachers and provide for students a Dance Integrated learning experience.   Using the natural energy and movement qualities inherent in weather, students demonstrated different types of weather.  They:  

  • Skipped a happy skip (sunny)
  • Did swinging and swooshing movement side to side (wind)
  • Floated gently while swaying (snow)
  • Moved from high to low with their arms and body (rain)
  • Stomped and clapped (thunder)
  • Did big, energetic, fast jumps (lightening)
  • and MORE.  

It was even more fun when we added our white "weather fabric" to help us demonstrate these different types of weather.  And we topped it off when students then acted as "meteorologists" and put the movements together in their own "5-day forecast." Students that move as part of their learning experience are shown to remember information better and retain it longer.  Good job Sierra Bonita Elementary!

Box Tops Week - GOING ON NOW!


It's our last BOX TOP collection week of the year.  We are so close to meeting our school goal!  Check out our school totals here:

Have your your child bring in their BOX TOPS and put them in the classroom collection container.  The 2 classes that collect the most this week (one in grades k-3 and one in grades 4-6) will win EXTRA RECESS!!!

Thank you for supporting our school and Box Top Collections.

Sierra Bonita PTA