October 2016

Red Ribbon Week - Next Week - Oct. 10th-14th


Red Ribbon Week is next week! (Oct. 10th -14th). Your student is welcome to dress according to the theme for that day:

Monday, October 10th - Crazy hat/hair day! "Use your head, don't use drugs"

Tuesday, October 11th - Wear a tie! "Don't get tied Up by the internet, be safe and smart" 

Wednesday, October 12th - Wear your pajamas! "Don't get caught sleeping - Say no to drugs"

Thursday, October 13th - Wear a hoodie! "Use your head when using the internet"

Friday, October 14th - Wear RED to school! "Proud to be drug free"

Sierra Bonita PTA


Box Tops!


Clip Box Tops for Sierra Bonita Elementary Students 

 Box tops are back and it is time to start collecting again to earn FREE MONEY for our students.  Our goal this year is to raise $2500 dollars  and have 100 % participation (even if it is just one box top) with the box tops program. 

 It's Easy to Clip And Save 

Find grocery items with a box top on them, clip, save and bring the box tops to your child's classroom. Each teacher will have a collection container in their class.  This week you should receive a special label that you can use to create your own collection bag at home.  Each UNEXPIRED box top is worth $0.10. Prizes will be award to the classrooms that collect the most.  Don't forget to recruit others to save for you, grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors.  

 Box Top Math

 You may think that a little bit doesn't count but it adds up!  Let's do the math.  With approximately 800 students this year we could raise quite a bit of money for the school. 

If each student brought in 30 box tops x 800 students = 24000 box tops = $2400 (close to our goal!)

If each student brought in 50 box tops x 800 students =40000 box tops = $4000 !!!

If each student brought in 75 box tops x 800 students = 60000 box tops = $6000!!! 

See how it adds up quickly.  75 box tops is less than 10 a month per student.  

 How To Submit Your Box Tops 

1. Clip and collect your UNEXPIRED box tops at home

2. Any time of year bring them to your class' collection container 

It's that easy! 

Our first big collection week will be in early November.  Classes that have the most box tops at that time will receive an awesome reward!  We have an extra special reward for the class that earns the most at the end of the year which we will be announcing later. 

How Can I Learn More? 

You can visit the website boxtopsforeducation.com for a complete list of products, valuable coupons and other contests.  If you have questions about our school collections you can contact Karla Schade (karla_schade@hotmail.com) or Cassy McBride (mcbride.cassy@gmail.com).


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