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November 2013

Praise Notes!

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Tue, 11/26/2013 - 13:32
Photo by: Terena Anderson Article by: Tiffany Manwaring

Every Friday during morning annoucements, Mr.Larsen read praise notes over the intercom and if your name is read, you come have your picture taken in the office. Students can earn praise notes for many things such as: Being kind to another student, going the extra mile, listening to instruction, etc. This has been a fun way to recognize the students at Sierra Bonita for their extra efforts!

Costco Readers!

Submitted by tiffany.manwaring on Tue, 11/26/2013 - 12:09
Photo by Tiffany Manwaring Article by Tiffany Manwaring

Our transistional first grade class has had some special visitors from Costco! Every Monday, there are 13 Costco representatives that come to Sierra Bonita and read to our transitional first grade class. Costco members even made the students their very own Costco nametag! The kids look forward to this each and every week!

Earth Wings Assembly

Submitted by janna.slye on Fri, 11/22/2013 - 07:56
Article by Christopher Dorny (2nd grade student)

Students at Sierra Bonita were nice to each other and earned a fun reward activity on November 14th.  A man came from Earth Wings and showed us owls and hawks.  Students were able to see an owl eat a mouse and watch a hawk fly through the gym.  The hawk flew very close to our heads.  After the assembly we were able to see the owl up close as we walked back to our classes.  The reward activity was very fun!


Peer Tutors

Submitted by janna.slye on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 08:07

Students in Mrs. Slye’s class anxiously count down the minutes while a few students from Mr. Peterson’s 6th grade class also eagerly watch the clock, all patiently waiting for 10:30 to arrive.  Every day at 10:30 Mrs. Slye’s students have the privilege of working with an older peer tutor.  Many students at Sierra Bonita have the opportunity to volunteer in classrooms throughout the school.  Whether it is third grade students reading to Kindergarteners or student council members eating lunch with younger students, there are plenty of opportunities for peer interaction among the different grade levels. Peer tutors are most commonly assigned to help students with spelling, reading, and math, but more often become great role models and mentors to them.  Mr. Peterson feels that it builds confidence in the peer tutor student and teaches them to work collaboratively with others.  Sierra Bonita has become aware of the positive impact peer tutoring has on all students involved.

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Sanders

Submitted by janna.slye on Wed, 11/06/2013 - 09:41
Photo by Tiffany Manwaring

During morning announcements our Student Council has been giving out clues to the teacher spotlight. The student who guessed the teacher spotlight also happens to be in her class! Good job Aaliyah! Here are the top 10 reasons why Mrs. Sander's class loves her so much:

  1. She is SUPER funny.
  2. She has a great attitude.
  3. She makes math easy to learn.
  4. She is way nice.
  5. She helps us stay organized.
  6. She tells us about her family.
  7. She loves super heroes.
  8. She trusts us to be the BEST!
  9. She doesn’t give us too much homework.
  10. She always tells us how much she LOVES us!

 Thank you Mrs. Sanders for all you do for our students at Sierra Bonita. 


Kindergarten Field Trip

Submitted by janna.slye on Wed, 11/06/2013 - 08:21
article by Kindergarten teachers

We had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Vineyard Nursery and enjoy their "Pumpkinland".  In class we have been discussing and learning about the four seasons and specifically the fall season.  We have been talking about the signs of fall and this was the perfect opportunity to see the signs of fall.  We had lots of fun looking at the different types of pumpkins and gourds.  Students got lost in a corn maze and also were able to see how corn grows.  We also were able to see giant sunflowers and talk about how we get sunflower seeds from the heads of the sunflowers.

Students worked on an "I Spy" page in which they looked for various items throughout Pumpkinland.  It was a fun day and we appreciate all of the parents who were able to help us out by attending the field trip and helping students enjoy their day!  Thank you!

Halloween Parade

Submitted by janna.slye on Wed, 11/06/2013 - 08:15
Article by Katelyn Gause (3rd grade student)

How did the Halloween parade start? My heart was pounding like crazy! I was soooooo excited! I could tell that my classmates felt the same way. They were jumping up and down and kept saying “I’m so excited!” We walked into the hall and sat down. Loud music played as the Halloween parade came our way. I saw funny costumes like a banana, a crayon, and a vending machine with real candy inside! One of my classmates was dressed up as a candy corn witch. She had a tall and wide black hat with the candy corn colors and also a long, black dress with the candy corn colors. My teacher, (Mrs. Latham) and Mrs. Slye dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. They had a red shirt that said “Thing 1” or “Thing 2”. They had a red puffy skirt. They had blue eyelashes and a little bit of green in their hair. Then, there was no one left so my class stood and joined the parade. We walked down the halls and gave high fives. When we entered the gym they announced our class and grade.  We went through the gym, smiling and waving at the parents. We exited the gym and walked through more halls. The 4th, 5th, and 3rd grade classes were up next. We walked back to our classroom and danced to the music playing in the office. That’s how the Halloween parade ended.


Bears' Bulletin - November 2013

Submitted by sue.leber on Fri, 11/01/2013 - 00:00


 Father/Daughter Fall Festival 

The Father/Daughter Fall Festival will be held tomorrow, November 1st, from 6:30-8:00pm, at the school. There will fun activities such as a cake walk, bean bag toss, photo booth ($1 charge for a 5x7 keepsake photo), and more. If your dad can't make it, no problem! Bring your grandpa, uncle, big brother, neighbor, family friend or even your mom! We look forward to a fun evening! Hope to see you all there! 


Reflections Awards Night will be held Tuesday, November 5, at 7:00pm, in Sierra Bonita’s auditorium. 

Wednesday, November 6 - Teacher Development Afternoon 

On Wednesday, November 6, school will be held during the morning hours only. AM kindergarten will be held according to regular schedule, and students in 1st – 6th grades, will be dismissed at noon.PM kindergarten will not be held on this day. Students will be served lunch beginning at 10:30am. During the afternoon teachers throughout the district will take part in teacher development. 

Character Corner 

During the month of November students will be learning about service. Please discuss the saying “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day” with your student. We are hoping that students will seek out opportunities to give service to those around them. 

PTA Book Fair & Reading 

We thank members of our entire school community for the tremendous support given to our PTA Book Fair this past week. Students were excited to receive and read their new books, and the PTA chose to receive their proceeds in books for our classrooms and our It Pays to Read program at the school. It is wonderful to see our students’ excitement for reading. There are so many benefits to reading a good book regularly. Thank you! 

Sierra Bonita Web Page 

Our school has a wonderful website where you can access information such as the school’s news and events, school newsletter, staff and faculty, PTA, School Community Council, school hours, phone number and address, lunch menu, important dates, and more. We invite you to visit our website located at 

Box Tops 

Thank you for all your efforts in clipping and sending Box Tops for Education to school. We also express appreciation to our PTA for coordinating this program. We will have our next Box Top Class Competition on January 27 – 31. 

School Lunch 

We appreciate efforts taken to keep a positive balance on all school lunch accounts. When accounts are nearing a zero balance, a red stamp is placed on the student’s hand by the lunch secretary to serve as a reminder to pay lunch money. We wanted to make you aware that a lunch will not be able to be charged if the account has a negative balance of $10 or more. In this case, a roll and milk will be provided. If you have any questions about student accounts or other lunch questions, please call Glenett Ponis, our lunch clerk, at 798-4499. 

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